I took three of Pen & Paper’s Mini-Workshops and was pleasantly surprised with each class. The instructors were well-qualified, but most noticeably they were all super enthusiastic and friendly. I felt each class was an amazing value for the time and effort that the instructors put forth. I am going to return to Pen & Paper for more workshops in the future.

 A.M. Larks, Northern California

In the space of a weekend, Cheryl Pappas introduced a new-to-me mode of writing and gave me the tools to start my own flash fiction journey. Although I shared the class with writers at all comfort levels, each of us got what we needed to move forward within a friendly, fun environment. 

 Katie Thomason, Los Angeles, CA

I was very happy with the flash fiction weekend workshop I took with Cheryl Pappas. I was able to really hone my writing skills in a short amount of time thanks to the exercises and direction of the instructor.

Brett Walker, New Hampshire

Cheryl Pappas tackled an ambitious syllabus for her mini-workshop on Flash Fiction. It was due to this rigorous schedule that I was able to grow in my understanding of the genre. Her comments were insightful and encouraging. Her lessons were succinct, and each led nicely into the next assignment. I loved the class and found it inspiring and helpful.

A.M. Larks, Northern California

Kudos on your how-to-submit workshop. Even though I'm not really a newbie, I learned a LOT. This is the perfect class for those who need to know the basics of submitting their work (fiction or non) and need real, applicable, take-away tools to pursue.

Diana Rosen, Los Angeles, CA

Sara Marchant is an attentive and supportive writing teacher. She provides constructive feedback, calls me out when necessary, pushes my boundaries, and all the while gives my words encouragement and me the belief that my stories matter.

Adele Zane, New York, NY

Sara Marchant's course in creative nonfiction was interesting and informative--from her assigned readings to her feedback on my assignments and our class discussions. 

I'll definitely take another Pen & Paper Writing Workshop--they keep me motivated to keep writing!

Anne Silva, Los Angeles, CA