Nonfiction Workshop: Advanced Nonfiction Writing

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Nonfiction Workshop: Advanced Nonfiction Writing


Level: Advanced

Location: Online
Duration: 8 weeks
Begins: July 22, 2019
Ends: September 15,, 2019


This class is for the student who already knows the ins and outs of nonfiction writing. It is for the student who has already written and/or published pieces of nonfiction whether they be personal essays, memoir or other types of creative nonfiction. You might also be a writer who needs additional coaching or more input to refine and improve your nonfiction writing. Possibly, you have started on the path to becoming a skilled nonfiction writer, but you need just a bit more practice and study in the craft. If you took our Intermediate Nonfiction Writing workshop, then this is the next class for you.

During this 8-week class writers bring a piece of work, or an idea for a piece of work, that is perfected through the use of critique, revision, and polishing. As a natural process of studying nonfiction further, we continue to discuss the elements of nonfiction writing. Craft readings and writing exercises are assigned based on individual, personalized, need. Students have the opportunity to submit work for instructor feedback, as well as from other students in the class. The instructor establishes a workshop schedule once class begins. Like all Pen and Paper Writing Workshops, this class is conducted in a safe, nurturing and caring environment.

Class Outline

Week 1: Writing Your Next Draft: You Have a 1st or 2nd Draft, Now What?

Week 2: Perfecting Your Nonfiction Through Critique, Revision & Polishing

Week 3: P.O.V. & How to Hone Yours

Week 4: Let’s Examine In Media Res & Sharpen Yours Up

Week 5: Is Your Timing Working? Let’s Take a Look

Week 6: The Narrator vs. You, or, How You Tell Your Story

Week 7: Making Your Beginnings & Endings Sing

Week 8: A Close Examination of Your Current Draft

Instructor Bio

A Pushcart Prize nominee, C. Gregory Thompson writes short stories, plays, screenplays, novels and memoir. His work has appeared, or is forthcoming, in Storgy Magazine, Writers Resist, Five:2:One, Cowboy Jamboree, Full Grown People, The Offbeat, Printers Row Journal and Reunion: The Dallas Review, among others. Four of his short stories were included in the 2017 New Short Fiction Series. He was named a finalist in the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival’s 2015 Fiction Contest. His short play Cherry won two playwriting awards. He earned an MFA in Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts at the University of California, Riverside/Palm Desert. He also has a BFA in Film & Television from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Here he wrote and directed the awarding-winning student film “Elysian Fields.” He recently left a longtime career in the film business as an awards consultant to Hollywood studios and now devotes full time to writing and teaching. He lives in greater Los Angeles, California with his partner. Follow Thompson on Twitter @cgregthompson and on Instagram @cgregorythompson.


“C. Gregory Thompson's short stories are sharp and original slices cut from slightly warped, off-kilter worlds where the fantastical and magical often collides with the hard-bitten truth of daily life. It tastes fresh and fearless.”

 Mark Haskell Smith, Author of Naked at Lunch

 “C. Gregory Thompson illuminates the complex lives of a wide range of characters with great empathy, wit, and eloquence. He knows how to weave a compelling tale and present our secret dreams with grace and power.

 Mary Otis, Author of Yes, Yes Cherries

“‘Runner, Runner’ is a fantastic piece. It's the kind of profile of character and place we relish.”

Adam Van Winkle, Editor, Cowboy Jamboree